History of the Universe

 The history of the universe is the story of ideas.

In the beginning, the Big Bang spewed the ides of physics that became the universe. 

The idea of physics...light and matter and energy and how two atoms interact to form a molecule is the original origin story.

In time, those physical reactions led to the formation of solar systems and planets. 

On at least one of those planets the right combination of physical reactions led to biological life. 

The idea of biology...information can be communicated through genetic codes. 

Biological organisms were not simply reacting to external stimuli the way that atoms did. 

They interacted. 

Evolution describes how a biological entity adapted to its environment. 

A butterfly adopts  a certain type of color to appear to be a butterfly that is poisonous. 

This allows the butterfly to be fruitful and multiply. 

Seeds from plants discover ways to spread their influence...

Sticking to animal fur...

Being eaten by birds to be deposited somewhere else...

To allow themselves to be carried away on the wind.

Overtime, intelligence emerged from the blind process of evolution. 

With intelligence, ideas are no longer just coded in DNA. 

Ideas become encoded in culture, in language, and practice. 

From intelligence arises society. 

The power of intelligence is in community that enables the sharing of ideas across generations. 

Through language, idea becomes story. 

Story becomes the means to communicate ideas and to alter ideas.

The idea of intelligence...information is stored and transmitted in story. 

The physical universe is pretty much what you see is what you get. 

A hydrogen atom is a hydrogen atom. 

When paired with two oxygen atoms it is water. 

At 0 degrees  celsius it freezes. At 100 degrees it becomes gas. In between it is wet.

The intelligent universe of human ideas and stories is nuanced. 

Sometimes a cigar is a cigar, and other times it is not. 

In the physical universe, things behave the same always. 

In the universe of ideas, we have unreliable narrators.

As human beings we do not see the universe as it is. We see it as we are. (Anias Nin) 

Our internal stories guide us in what we perceive. 

We tend to see and accept facts that are consistent with our existing beliefs while rejecting ideas that don't fit.

Change the narrative change the world.


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