Identity Archetypes

Our core identity reflects first our driving purpose: to leave a legacy, to connect to others, to provide structure, or to explore the spiritual.

Second, our dominant approach to life...heart, mind, or body...influences how we seek our purpose.

Do we seek to leave a legacy?

Grounded in the heart, the rebel/outlaw seeks to leave a legacy of liberation by breaking the rules and over throwing the system.

Centered in mind, the magician creates a legacy through transformation and growth for themselves and others.

Based in the body, the hero seeks a legacy of victory and winning or at least keeping fighting.

Do we seek to make a connection with others?

Grounded in the heart, the lover's connection is intimate, seeking to love and be loved.

Centered in mind, the jester connects through play and fun and laughter.

Based in the body, the everyperson belongs to the community and fitting in and belonging.

Do we seek to provide structure?

Grounded in the heart, the caregiver provides structure through service to others.

Centered in mind, the ruler provides structure through control and influence.

Based in the body, the creator provides structure through transformation and innovation.

Do we seek to explore spirituality?

Grounded in the heart, the innocent seeks spirituality of happiness and goodness.

Centered in mind, the sage seeks spirituality through understanding, thinking, and intellect. 

Based in the body, the explorer seeks spirituality through discovery of new places, things, and experiences.


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